Local Food Cooking Workshop

"Wachigai" is a name of house built more than 120 years ago in downtown Omachi, and revived as a restaurant to serve dishes made with local ingredients inherited for years in this area.
We newly release this workshop which brings you not only flavorful experiences but also stories behind those locally produced foods.
Please come and join the workshop, and add great cultural experiences to your trip!

This workshop is held at a private kitchen in Wachigai. In this very traditional atmosphere, you will enjoy deep cultural experiences with discoveries of different aspects of Nagano and Japan.
After the workshop, a special lunch with desserts will be served at a private room. You can stay at the restaurant and relax as long as you like.

This workshop is reservation only. Please book through the reservation site.
Click Here: Reservation Site

*Unable to make a reservation through a direct phone call to the restaurant.